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Body Treatments

Exfoliate, Nourish, Hydrate, Soften, Firm and Tone with Babor Spa treatments customised to your needs. Recommended as an ideal pre-treatment service in order to maximise body treatment results.

Aromatic Salt Scrub - 30 mins $100

This luxurious treatment exfoliates the body with aromatic oils mixed with salts from the depths of the mineral rich Canadian glacial fields. The salt replenishes lost minerals in the skin, removes dry and dead skin and leaves the skin feeling velvety soft.


Algae Firming Wrap and Peel - 75 mins $188

A full body invigorating salt scrub followed by a detoxifying algae wrap that stimulates the skin’s metabolism, delivers intense moisture and leaves the skin looking and feeling silky smooth.


Nourishing Cream Wrap and Peel - 75 mins $188

A full body skin renewal peel with a hydrating and nourishing body mud wrap, will leave the skin feeling velvety soft with it's natural oils restored, and the body revitalised and refreshed.

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