Beautiful Nails

Sit and relax while one of our experienced therapists bring back the beauty to your nails. Choose from over 30 colours.

Manicure with file - 30 mins $50

Hand Spa - 50 mins $85

Pamper, hydrate and soothe your hands with Babor's vitalizing spa. Includes hand bath, exfoliation, massage and nail treatment featuring active ingredients to reveal beautifully groomed hands. Finish with a nail paint with the colour of your choice.

Pedicure with file - 30 mins $60


Pedicure Spa - 50 mins $95

Lie back and enjoy our unique pedi spa with Babor's spa mediterranee for feet. Our refreshing foot bath, exfoliation to relieve rough skin, soothing massage and nail treatment with active ingredients pampers stressed feet. Includes a nail paint with the colour of your choice.


Manicure & Pedicure Package - 60 mins $95

Relax as one of our therapists shape buff and polish to perfection your finger and toe nails finished with a colour of your choice.

Add Ons:

  • Paraffin $20

  • Gel Removal $23

  • French Colour $30

  • OPI or BIO SCULPTURE GEL Colour $20

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