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Our results driven facials defy the effects of life lived on your skin. Combining traditional therapies with the scientific power of the purest natural ingredients from around the world. 


Triple Berry | Summer Detox Facial Ritual - 60 mins $180
This intense spa ritual combines a Vitamin B Infusion, expertly blended in a luscious superfood smoothie of berries, hyaluronic acid and liposomal nutrients. Tailored for congested and oily skin, and vitamin B3 to soothe redness and inflammation, revealing your natural bright and hydrated complexion. 

Lime Caviar | Skin Luminosity Facial Ritual - 60 mins $180
A blend of potent antioxidants in a Vitamin C concentrate with extracts of native Australian ingredients in Lime Caviar, Kakadu Plum and berries to target pigmentation, skin tone, collagen production and skin vitality. Layered with a brightening infusion of licorice and cranberry with alpha hydroxy fruit acids to resurface fine lines for a stunning radiant complexion.
The A-List | Ultimate Rejuvenation Facial Ritual - 60 mins $180
An age-defying dermal treatment featuring the power of vitamin A next-gen retinoids with stem cells, coenzyme Q10, and fermented saké extract to fight free radical damage while smoothing fine lines, boosting collagen and resurfacing texture. Infused in amino acids and laden with liquid diamonds this ritual unlocks timeless radiance.

Glycolic Peel $69
Cleanse + Peel with 15% glycolic and 3% salicylic acids boosted with luxurious lime caviar acid to refine texture, skin brilliance and luminosity while targeting pigmentation.

Enzymatic Peel $69
Pineapple and micro-encapsulated proteolytic enzymes dissolve dead skin cells, unclog pores and reduce the appearance of blemishes, black heads and uneven texture while activating cellular renewal.

BHA + B Vitamin Exfoliation $69
A clinical concentrate of beta + alpha hydroxy acids in a 10% blend of super B Vitamins + cosmeceutical actives enriched with naturopathic ellagic acid rich berries to equalise sebum, deeply hydrate and resurface problematic skin into refined luminosity.

Stem Cell Repair Eye Masque $59
A deeply rejuvenating eye treatment boosted with Swiss Apple Stem Cells infused with collagen inducting smart peptides and antioxidant vitamins with resveratrol to activate cell regeneration and renewal to smooth lines and firm and tone skin.

Professional Strength Vitamin A Masque $59
An age-defying infusion masque with 5% retinoids, boosted with stem cells, skin brightening alpha-arbutin and glycolic acid to visibly smooth lines, firm texture and revitalise skin tone for a renewed and luminous youthful complexion.

Collagen Inducting Smart Peptide Masque $59
A collagen modelling masque boosted with liposomal collagen, hyaluronic acid and smart peptide, Heptapeptide-7, enriched with skin brightening MSH amino acids and trans-resveratrol to target pigmentation, age spots firmness, lines and wrinkles while promoting skin brilliance.


Hydra Boost Treatment - 30 mins $83

Experience BABOR’s iconic Bi-Phase Cleansing Ritual with highly concentrated natural active ingredients tailored to your skin type to leave your skin looking and feeling refreshed and hydrated. 

Skinovage Tailored Facial - 60 mins $156

This customised facial will address all your skins concerns, whether your skin is dry, oily, sensitive, blemished or tired. Your therapist will tailor this treatment to your concerns, including the use of the most intensive form of beauty therapy - a professional beauty ampoule. Your skin will be protected from premature ageing, leaving your skin feeling refreshed, radiant and youthful.
Skinovage Collagen Booster Performance Facial - 75 mins $206

This intensive treatment will hydrate, reduce redness, irritation and, soothe the skin. This treatment has been customized for demanding skin with the early signs of ageing, leaving your skin plumped and renewed.

Men’s Skin Fitness Facial - 60 mins $156

TAURIC is the main active ingredient which was developed by BABOR for male skin, which contains Siberian ginseng, taurine and hops which speeds up the skin’s regeneration (also heals micro-cuts after shaving). Tauric is anti-inflammatory and calming and provides intensive moisture leaving the skin fresh and vitalized.


Ampoule Treatment

Three at $36

Five at $58

Ten at $110 

Face Mask & Eye Treatment 

Silver Foil $40

Collagen $60

Detox Clay Mask $45

Refreshing Eyes $30

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